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Have you ever heard the term “commercial cleaning” and wondered what it meant? If so, you’re not alone. Commercial cleaning is a professional cleaning service—provided by a person or a cleaning company— that focuses on cleaning a business’ property. This is in contrast to residential cleaning, which focuses on cleaning private homes and residences.

How Is Commercial Cleaning Different from Residential Cleaning?

Similar to residential cleaning, the commercial cleaning you receive for your business will depend entirely on your needs. Apart from that, though, commercial cleaning and residential cleaning aren’t all that similar.


One of the ways that they differ is the frequency. Many businesses require daily cleaning services to help keep spaces in tip top shape.

Examples of Daily Commercial Cleaning Services

Here are some examples of daily services you might receive during your commercial cleaning contract:

  • Vacuuming floors
  • Empty waste bins
  • Replace waste bin liners
  • Sanitize horizontal surfaces
  • Disinfect hard floors
  • Tidy up and rearrange displays or surfaces when needed
  • Remove fingerprints from glass, doors, windows, light switches, etc.
  • Polish brash or metallic fixtures
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Clean stairwells and elevators
  • Dust surfaces
  • Sanitize all bathroom surfaces
  • Polish mirrors
  • Restock bathroom supplies

This list isn’t complete, but it hopefully will give you an idea of daily cleaning tasks to expect from a commercial cleaning.

Daily cleaning isn’t the only type of cleaning offered with commercial cleaning. Most businesses that employ commercial cleaners also require weekly or monthly cleaning services as well. Typically, these are larger cleaning operations or cleaning for spaces that aren’t frequently used by customers or employees.


Another way that commercial and residential cleaning differ is in the intensity of the cleaning. Some businesses like medical practices require very intense and specialized cleaning services from trained and well-protected professionals. Depending on your business you may need Hazmat cleaning services to help dispose of biohazards or even nuclear waste disposal (if you own a power plant).

Equipment and Cleaning Solutions

Commercial and residential cleaning services also differ in terms of the cleaning solutions and equipment they use to clean your business. In many cases, cleaning a business requires specialized or large equipment that just wouldn’t make sense in a home. A lot of businesses have a lot of floor space to clean, high ceilings, intense stains, or other cleaning conundrums that can’t be solved with traditional cleaning supplies.

Furthermore, you might find that your business requires heavy duty cleaning solutions rather than your standard cleaning materials used in a home. Professional commercial cleaners— like our team at Everclear— are trained to know exactly what products to use for which messes, and we have the experience and knowledge to help with any cleaning problem.

Why Do You Need Commercial Cleaning?

Keeping your business clean is very important for many reasons. Here are the top reasons why you should consider professional commercial cleaning from Everclear Cleaning.

For Your Employees

For one, you want to ensure that your employees are working in a safe and clean environment. Employees that are uncomfortable at work often don’t perform as well, so providing a safe and clean space for them can help them do their best work.

For Your Customers

If you work in a business that involves customer interaction or customers coming into your office, then you absolutely should be utilizing commercial cleaning services. Even small and seemingly inconsequential “messes” (like dusty surfaces, spiderwebs, or grimy floors) can form the basis of your customers’ opinions about your business. Like it or not, people tend to think of clean businesses as good businesses. If you don’t believe us, think back to a time that you entered a business as a customer and found the space dirty or grimy. What were your assumptions about the business as a whole?

For Safety

Depending on the type of business you run, you may even have a certain set of standards that you need to meet in terms of cleanliness. This is particularly true for restaurants or medical practices, where a dirty environment can lead to serious illness. In some cases, you may be at risk of being shut down if you don’t keep your business clean.

What Are Some Examples of Commercial Cleaning?

Now that you know what commercial cleaning is, you may be curious about some common applications for the service. Here are some popular commercial cleaning applications.

Office Cleaning

Keep your office clean and tidy for your employees and office visitors. First impressions are important!

Hotel Housekeeping

This type of commercial cleaning helps keep guest rooms in hotels in tip top shape at all times. Whether they’re cleaning up after a guest leaves or providing standard cleaning during a guest’s visit.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows inside and outside is important for keeping up appearances. This should only ever be performed by trained professionals.

Sports Cleaning

Whether this is the cleaning of a gym, a basketball court, or an Olympic pool, commercial cleaning services are the only way to go. Keeping sports facilities clean and sanitized is very important for everyone’s health and safety.

Medical Facility Cleaning

Cleaning medical facilities requires the use of Hazmat equipment and special training for disposal of biohazard materials.


There are so many ways to use a commercial cleaning service, and all of them are very important. Often times business owners will overlook the importance of keeping their premises clean and tidy, but failing to do so can have a negative impact on their business and their employee performance. In some cases, it is even required that the cleaning be performed to a certain standard, as this helps protect the health and safety of everyone on site. If you’re interested in hiring Everclear Cleaning to perform your commercial cleaning in Central Oregon, please reach out today to schedule a consultation or request more information. We are proud to help you keep your business clean and tidy, and would love to learn more about your commercial cleaning needs and how we can serve you.