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Customer Satisfaction Coordinator


Johanna first joined the Everclear Team in 2007. In her current role as Customer Satisfaction Coordinator, Johanna uses her years of experience in the field to ensure that our guarantee of 100% Customer Satisfaction is always met. She goes out of her way to work creatively and make certain that any customer concerns do not develop into larger problems. Should an issue arise, Johanna digs in and resolves the matter quickly and efficiently. When not at work, Johanna enjoys the Central Oregon outdoor lifestyle. In particular, she loves gardening and tending to her expansive cactus garden. She has more catci than she can count and hopes to turn the fruits of her labor into a business someday. She’s also the proud mother of two, and dotes on her beautiful granddaughter.

We are a licensed Property Services Contractor as required by Oregon state law since 2018.  Our license # is 50105.

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