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When the pandemic started, companies needed to find a way to alter their cleaning services to accommodate COVID-19. This illness brought many health concerns to every workplace, business, and building that previously did not exist. Janitors played a crucial role in fighting COVID-19, especially during the early pandemic days when companies first shut down.

Please keep reading on to learn how janitors made a difference in fighting COVID-19. Without janitors, businesses would have been closed for much longer than they were.

How Janitors Impacted COVID-19



Accommodating CDC Regulations

When the pandemic started and COVID-19 rose, businesses had to find a way to navigate around the new CDC regulations put in place. For example, janitors had to know the new cleaning standards put in place by the government to help combat COVID-19. Now, janitors are well trained to prevent the spread of illness when they clean facilities.
Without janitors, businesses would have difficulty accommodating their cleaning regimens with the new CDC regulations regarding COVID-19. When businesses use a company that specializes in commercial cleaning, they don’t need to worry about training their employees to follow CDC regulations that prevent the spread of illness.

Adjusting to New Protocols

Janitors were the first line of defense for figuring out how to adjust business protocols to fight COVID-19. Every business works differently and follows different cleaning regimens, and when the pandemic first came out, businesses struggled to figure out new ways of cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies with their janitors on staff was key to get back in business sooner.


The following are several new protocols businesses implemented to fight COVID-19.

  • All businesses clean more routinely than they did before the pandemic.
  • Businesses disinfect surfaces regularly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    Janitors must be mindful of areas that receive additional traffic because those areas will need cleaning and disinfecting more often.
  • Businesses must ensure that proper hand washing tools are readily available for their employees or customers.
  • Most businesses added additional hand sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes throughout the company to ensure people have access to clean hands and surfaces.

Janitors will ensure that all these methods are implemented regularly to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Without janitorial staff on hand, it can be easy to let these new regimens lose their priority. Non-janitorial staff already has their workload to take care of and might not be as mindful as janitorial staff would be about accommodating new COVID-19 regulations in the workplace.

Using Commercial Cleaning Services to Combat COVID-19

Commercial cleaning services are a popular way that businesses choose to combat COVID-19. When you hire a commercial cleaning service to come in and handle the new protocols to fight COVID, you do not need to worry about training or hiring new staff to take care of the new safety measures put in place during the pandemic. Instead, hiring professionals to handle your cleaning services during COVID-19 is the best way to prevent the spread of the illness.

It can be difficult to hire new staff during the pandemic because ever since COVID-19, most places have faced staffing issues. For that reason, hiring a commercial cleaning service to combat COVID-19 is a fantastic way to keep the workplace clean during these times. Professional janitors are specially trained to prevent the spread of illness and recognize areas that need additional disinfecting and cleaning.

Janitors Keep the Economy Working During COVID-19

Without janitors, businesses would have been closed much longer than they were. Janitorial staff helped ensure businesses could reopen as soon as possible when COVID-19 caused shutdowns. The following are ways that janitors helped businesses reopen during the pandemic.

  • Janitorial staff recognized areas that received high volume and knew to keep those areas disinfected as frequently as possible.
  • Janitors learned new cleaning methods and invested in more potent disinfectants to eliminate COVID-19 from surfaces.
  • Janitors keep hand soaps and hand sanitizers stocked throughout businesses so that they can continue to run efficiently and safely.
  • Janitors help disinfect surfaces like door handles, keyboards, and telephones throughout businesses to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Janitors spray services with disinfectants that are frequently sat on or touched on, reducing the spread of COVID-19 in businesses that receive lots of traffic.
  • Without janitors, other staff would have to work too clean and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and may not do as good of a job as professional cleaners would. In addition, non-janitorial staff already has work duties unrelated to cleaning and can easily forget about cleaning surfaces when worrying about other duties.

Even businesses that previously did not have cleaning staff invested to ensure that they could reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially when businesses started to reopen after the shutdown. Without janitors, businesses would have been shut down much longer than they were, and COVID-19 rates may have been much higher than they are now.

Final Thoughts on how Janitors Have Made a Difference Fighting COVID-19

Janitors are the driving force that helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 because they’re there to disinfect whenever needed. Without janitors, there’s a good chance that many businesses would not have reopened after COVID-19 came to fruition. In addition, businesses concerned about the spread of COVID-19 could benefit from hiring a commercial cleaning company to come in and handle their disinfectant needs.

Hiring an external company specializing in commercial cleaning is effective to fight COVID-19. Janitors already have the knowledge to prevent the spread of illness and were the driving force of Better Business cleaning practices during COVID-19. Everclear Cleaning Services in Bend, Oregon worked through the pandemic. We are experienced in COVID-19 cleaning practices.