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There are many rewarding careers out there. How you are rewarded might very well depend on the individual and the things that they enjoy. However, you might just be surprised at how rewarding some careers may be that you never considered.

Janitorial careers are one of those. They can be quite rewarding if given the chance. Take a look at these top reasons why janitorial can be a rewarding career.

Janitorial Can Be a Rewarding Career


The Work is Meaningful

When you work in janitorial services, you’re doing meaningful work. You can see just what your work does for the building you are cleaning in and how it affects others. You may never meet all the people that you are cleaning for but you’re providing a service for any number of people.

You can see the fruits of your labor and take pride in your work. Without you, that business would be filthy and unkept, right? Your task is significant and while it might be different than someone else’s tasks, it’s still work to be proud of.


It Can Be Fun

Janitorial work could potentially be a lot of fun. Some people really love cleaning so it could be enjoyable. The thing is, you see a lot of interesting things and meet a lot of interesting people. Even if you are cleaning the same building or area multiple times a day, there are always different people and things to be aware of.

The change in pace and the ability to see new and interesting things can be a lot of fun. Of course, if cleaning is satisfying for you then that is another fun element to consider as well.

In some cases, you might be working with a team of other janitorial staff. If so, you can learn to have a lot of fun with your team as well. It’s always nice to have co-workers that you get along with and can team up with.

Janitorial work can be as fun as you’re willing to make it. Grab your headphones and dance and sing while you clean or just let the cleaning satisfy you. It’s totally up to you.



When it comes to janitorial work, there is a possibility that it will provide you some flexibility. It simply depends on where you are cleaning and the company that you work for. Many cleaning companies have shifts at all hours of the day. So, if you need to clean in the evenings when your spouse or children are home, that’s possible.

If you want to be doing your work during the day while the kids are at school, that’s a possibility too. Many times, the schedules can be flexible to conform to your needs. Or you can at least choose a position that fits best with your schedule.

In terms of flexibility, the job itself can also be flexible. You might be cleaning the same spaces every single day, but you can change up your routine and give yourself a change of pace. Or you might be part of a staff that moves around from day to day or cleans different buildings and areas. This gives you a change of scenery and more flexibility as well.

Just know that you have plenty of options when it comes to flexibility. This is perhaps one of the best advantages for some people.


You’re Staying Active

Working in janitorial services is certainly not like any desk job. You’re active and moving and working for your entire shift. Not only are you moving around but the cleaning that you do can also be a pretty good workout.

Think about it. When you’re dusting, you’re moving your arms and reaching all sorts of ways. When you sweep, you get a back-and-forth motion that can build strength and muscle in your arms. Vacuuming is the same. The motion and weight of the vacuum can be a good workout for you. Just remember to switch arms occasionally.

These are just a few examples but throughout the day you will be moving and grooving. You’re likely to put in a lot of active steps and you will work your body with the motions and movements of cleaning at the same time.

You might just be able to cancel that gym membership that you don’t have time for anyway.


Opportunity Awaits

When it comes to janitorial positions, there is always room to move up. If you’re looking for a different position, a different cleaning schedule or location, or even management opportunity, you have a good chance of seeing these.

Janitorial companies value the loyal employees that they have. Many times, if a new position opens up, they will look internally before they hire on the outside. It just makes sense to check out the people already dedicated to the business and support them in their desire to grow within the business.

If you’re interested and you’re willing to put in the work, you could potentially see management or supervisory opportunities at some point in your cleaning career. Janitorial services are always hiring and opportunity is often just around the corner.


Final Thoughts

Many people don’t give janitorial work enough credit. What they often don’t realize is just how valuable this career field is and how appreciated it is by those that reap the benefits of your work. Corporations, small businesses, and homes all benefit from cleaning services and it’s you who gets to help them out in their time of need.

As you can see here, there are many ways to be rewarded in a janitorial career. It’s time to find the right fit for you! At Everclear Cleaning Services, we value our employees. For a rewarding career in janitorial in Bend, Oregon, apply with Everclear!